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Koncal XT - Coral Calcium & Vit D3

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What is Coral Calcium?

Coral calcium is a form of calcium derived from coral reefs that form over thousands of years. Coral (which is made up of tiny animals related to jellyfish and sea anemones) forms a hard protective skeleton of calcium carbonate. When coral dies, new generations of coral grow on top of the calcium carbonate remains, eventually forming a coral reef. Coral calcium  ingredient is harvested from coral in Okinawa, Japan


Why Coral Calcium with D3?

Calcium is essential and one of the vital minerals required for healthy bones and proper functioning of the body. Apart from bone metabolism, calcium is also responsible for healthy muscles and teeth, therefore enough amounts of this mineral must be taken daily. A regular diet may not fulfill the necessary calcium requirements, therefore supplements with a Calcium and Vitamin D3 combination may be taken to achieve the required levels of calcium in the body. Vitamin D3 is essential because it helps in the better absorption of calcium by the bones to keep them strong and healthy.


Why Koncal XT?

Koncal – XT is a revolutionary product that boasts of most bioavailable Coral calcium ( 70 % absorption) along with bone health-restoring factors like Methylcobalamin and Folic acid along with the highest dose of Vit D per day ( 6000 IU ).

Highest bioavailable calcium (70 % bioavailability) with Essential elements for muscle strength and bone health

● 1500 mcg Methylcobalamin: Methylcobalamin improves functional maturation of osteoblasts

● 400 ug Folic acid: Folic acid prevents pernicious anemia which is responsible for 2 fold risk of fracture

● 6000 IU Vitamin D: Vitamin D has a significant role in calcium homeostasis and metabolism

● Coral Calcium

● Faster dissolution within 30 secs enables faster absorption

● Fortified with 74 essential minerals through a patented filtration process which helps build stronger bone matrix


Indicated in :

● Osteopenia

● Low BMD

● Pregnancy & Lactation


Directions For Use:

Take 1-2 capsules twice a day or as directed by the physician


Safety Information:

● Pregnant or nursing women, children under the age of 18 years and persons under medical condition must consult a physician before using

● Do not exceed the recommended dose

● Keep out of the reach of children

● Store in a cool, dry and dark place away from direct sunlight