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EVD Whey Isolate

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EVD Mass Gainer is specially crafted to gain and maintain a healthy weight. This product has a properly balanced blend of carbohydrates and protein for optimum strength. This is also fortified with 22 vitamins and minerals. EVD Mass Gainer is enriched with an absorption booster which helps in better digestion and maximum absorption of protein and also removes the bloating feeling.

  • 60g protein*

  • 204g Carbs*

  • 1035 kcal Energy*

  • 22 vitamins & minerals

  • With Absorption Booster



  • EVD Mass Gainer is a unique formula reformulated for all the fitness enthusiasts and body builders and contains a high-protein blend with complex carbs to help with gaining muscles
  • EVD Mass Gainer has protein and complex carbs in the ratio of 1:3 respectively. This blend helps in fueling your daily workout and help in muscle building
  • EVD Mass Gainer delivers 60g Proteins and 1035 Calories (Values based on 3 servings 100g each with milk 300ml per serving) to enhance intense workout sessions
  • The product is enriched with digestive Boosterwhich helps in better digestion and absorption of nutrients and meeting your muscle-building goals
  • The product is free from trans fats and also contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals which help in supplying you energy for your workout and keeping your body functions smooth