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EVD Slim

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EVD Slim is a High-Protein healthy and tasty weight control meal replacement in Chocolate Flavour. This is a scientifically formulated drink which provides complete nutrition of a balanced meal. This also helps to cut down unnecessary calories and fats.When you skip a single meal you will consume around 60-70% less calories compared to Single Indian meal (600 - 700kcal). Every scoop of EVD Slim contains Protein from whey to build lean muscle, 29 vitamins and minerals with absorption booster which helps in better digestion and maximum absorption of protein.

● Sugar Free

● 15.51 g protein

● 29 Vitamins & Minerals

● Absorption Booster



● EVD Slim is a High-Protein Meal Replacement is formulated for weight-loss with  70% of protein is obtained from Premium Whey source.

● Weight Management - EVD Slim is scientifically formulated to achieve healthier diet and reduce craving and improve energy.

● 29 Vitamins and Minerals - EVD Slim if fortified with 29 Vitamins and minerals which improve overall nutritional requirement.

● Absorption booster - This  helps in better digestion and maximum absorption of protein.