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EVD Mom Protein - Pregnancy & Lactation

Chocolate Flovour Protein Drink

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  • For proper weight gain and to maintain optimal health during pregnancy.

  • For proper development and expansion of uterus & breasts.

  • To meet the increased nutritional requirement and to facilitate the development of brain and nervous system of the growing fetus.

Product Benefits

  • 24% high quality triple blend protein Concentrate with 100% amino acid profile.

  • Enriched with optimal quantity of DHA.

    • Improves neural, cognitive and retinal development of the fetus.

  • Enriched with optimal quantity of Dietary fibres.

    • Improves bowel movement & GI health.

  • Folic Acid, & Iron essential for the foetus development.

    • Helps reduce Neural Tube Defect (NTD)

  • All 9 essential Amino acids and Calcium for the skeletal strength of the pregnant woman and foetus.

  • Just 2 servings everyday will help meet 100% RDA requirements of key nutrients (Folic acid, Iron and Vit B12) during pregnancy.

  • Gluten free formulation ideal for women with Gluten allergy.

Protein is an essential macronutrient. It plays a vital role in the normal functioning of our body. This nutrient amazingly works round the clock to repair our body, to aid oxygen transport, to boost our immune system and so on. However, due to our hectic lifestyle we miss out on our daily protein requirement and end up with daily fatique, weakness and a compromised immunity.
To keep in pace with today’s fast paced life, we have EVD, THE DAILY PREMIUM PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT FOR ALL.

This nutritional supplement provides us with the missing link for a healthy lifestyle. Being fortified with micronutrients it gives us the extra zeal to carry out our daily activities.
Just two scoops of this powder twice daily will fulfill our daily protein requirement.


A balanced nutritional supplement to meet the increasing demand of protein and micronutrients in pregnancy and lactation (breast feeding).

Pregnancy and lactation are two stages of life when an adult women’s need are increased. She has the responsibility of supporting the growth of unborn baby internally during nine months of pregnancy and later externally by nursing/breast feeding the infant. Since the growth need at the commencement of life are crucial, good nutrition is a must for the expectant and nursing mother.
The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommends an increase of 300 Kcals. per day during the second and third trimester of pregnancy(4th to 9th month). This takes into consideration additional energy needed to support the growth of the unborn baby and maternal tissues, as well as to meet the increased metabolic rate.
BMR/metabolism increases by about 5% during the first and second trimester(1st to 6th month) and about 12% during the third trimester (7th to 9th month). As growth of the fetus is very rapid during this period, it is important that the increased need for energy is met. Enough energy containing food should be supplied to ensure that the dietary protein is used for building new tissues, and not to meet energy requirements. During first trimester of pregnancy, the demand for extra energy is small and is taken care of by the reduced activity.
Additional protein is necessary for growth of the fetus, new maternal tissues and to prepare the mother for lactation. The protein consumed by the mother should be of good quality.  
Poor dietary intakes or deficiencies can therefore have a substantial impact on pregnancy outcomes and baby’s health. Research suggests that the effects of foetal nutrition may persist well into adulthood, resulting in a wide array of adverse effects.
Low intake of protein is associated with potentially negative effects on the baby’s weight and length at birth.

International guidelines state protein should be increased by

  • 1 g/day in the first trimester (1st to 3rd month)

  • 8 g/day in the second trimester (4th to 6th month)

  • 26 g/day in the third trimester (7th to 9th month)

To ensure the additional 21 grams needed for the mother and baby.

In exclusive breastfeeding, protein intake should be increased by

  • 21 g/day in the first 6 months and

  • 14 g/day later.

2 scoops of the protein powder twice daily provides amount of protein.

Helps to meet the additional protein requirement in pregnancy and lactation.


EVD MOM contains a high dose of DHA (Docoxahexaenoic acid), 350mg which is considered as a BRAIN SUPERFOOD, which aids in the optimal brain development of the child.

Research has proven the importance of DHA for the unborn baby/ fetus and for the infant ranging right from

  • benefits for mother’s health : to reduce the risk of premature birth and post delivery depression)

  • for the composition of breastmilk

  • for overall infant health.

DHA is required for the development of healthy brain and eyes as well as optimal cognitive/ reasoning ability.


Another very important nutrient in the supplement is Choline.


Choline is of particular importance for the optimal development of the fetal brain. Research has established that the maternal diet with additional choline enhances memory and spatial cognition in offspring, a benefit that becomes more pronounced with ageing.


Minerals have important effects on the health of the mother and the unborn baby. Micronutrient deficiency during pregnancy can lead to anaemia (blood doesn’t have sufficient healthy RBCs), hypertension (increase in blood pressure), obstetric complications and even maternal death and in unborn baby lead to a fail in growth and development.


During pregnancy due to the increased demands caused by physiological changes, deficiency is exaggerated and as a result its complications occur.



Food sources of calcium include milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu, legumes, green leafy vegetables and fish with edible bones, e.g., sardines. Calcium uptake varies at different stages of life and increases when the need for calcium increases, such as during pregnancy and lactation. Adequate vitamin D is also important in calcium uptake during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, approximately 30 grams of calcium is deposited in the unborn baby’s skeleton, while the rest of calcium is stored in the maternal skeleton, probably due to calcium demands during lactation . On an average, in the last trimester of pregnancy, 300 mg of calcium is daily transmitted to the foetus


Adequate calcium intake during pregnancy is associated with

  • high birth weight

  • reduced risk of preterm delivery

  • better blood pressure control

Adequate supplementation of calcium and vitamin D is needed to reduce the complications of pregnancy.
If these requirements are not fulfilled, then the mother’s bones is mobilized resulting in demineralization of maternal bones leading to easy fractures. 


Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide, affecting mother and child health.

The overall iron needed during pregnancy significantly increases from 15-18 mg/day throughout non-pregnancy to 27 mg/day during pregnancy period

Iron plays essential roles in the transfer of oxygen to tissues. Inadequate intakes during pregnancy associated with the increase of iron demand makes pregnant mothers at even greater risk of iron deficiency, that may affect growth and development of the fetus and increase the risk of preterm delivery, low birth weight and post-partum hemorrhages.
Iron supplementation in pregnancy is often recommended to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes.
The Protein Supplement is made complete with a wide range of multivitamins and multiminerals. These vitamins fulfill the daily vitamin and mineral requirement with just 2 scoops of the powder twice daily. It fulfills the daily requirement by 100%.

The B complex vitamins –aid in optimal brain development. Folic acid i.e. Vitamin B9 holds a prime place during the first few months of pregnancy to prevent any defect in formation of the spinal cord (NEURAL tube defects). And our supplement meets the daily requirement of this vital vitamin.


  • A complete nutritional supplement to meet the mother’s and baby’s growing needs during pregnancy and lactation

  • High quality protein concentrate with a 100% amino acid profile

  • Meets the growing protein requirement and provides the additional energy required during pregnancy and lactation

  • Helps in optimal brain, eye and cognitive ability of the bab

  • Helps to build stronger bones for mother and child

  • Reduces the complications associated with pregnancy

  • Added benefit of Dietary fibre reduce the chances of constipation during pregnancy