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EVD Gold Protein - Sugarfree

Every Day Nutrition for Cardiac & Diabetic Care - Coffee Mocha Flavour

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Why EVD Gold

  • EVD Gold is sugar free triple blend protein powder, its ideal drink especially for diabetic and cardiac care.

  • EVD GOLD ensures optimum protein & micro nutrient content throughout the day.

  • EVD GOLD helps reduce insulin spikes, reduce blood sugar spikes. Frequently consuming low glycaemic index (GI) foods makes the body think it is ‘full’ for longer helping to control repetitive glucose spikes EVD Gold is high in fibre and is helps to reduce blood sugar spikes.

  • EVD GOLD comes in delicious coffee mocha flavour.

Product Benefits

  • 27 % protein blend powered with absorption boosters for optimum protein absorption

  • Sugar free & Low Glycemic Index (< 36)

  • Complex carbohydrate

    • Digests slowly and helps manage blood glucose level

  • Adequate amount of soluble & insoluble Fiber

    • Increases satiety, Controls blood glucose & cholesterol level

  • Blend of high quality proteins - Whey, Soy, & Casein

  • Adequate Protein (Soy)

    • Increases insulin response without increasing the plasma glucose concentrations

  • Healthy Fat (MUFA & PUFA)

    • Lowers the risk of CVD

  • Curcumin

    • Prevents blood sugar spikes and protects the pancreas

  • Enriched with Antioxidants and other Essential Diabetes Specific micronutrients like Zinc, Chromium, Biotin, Selenium

    • Prevents Diabetic complications

Diabetes Cardiovascular disorders: The silent killer

Diet and nutrition are important factors in the promotion and maintenance of good health throughout the entire life course.

Statistics states that lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases are on an alarming rise worldwide. It has been projected that, by 2020, chronic diseases will account for almost three-quarters of all deaths worldwide, and that 71% of deaths due to heart disease , 75% of deaths due to stroke, and 70% of deaths due to diabetes.  The number of people with diabetes will increase by more than 2.5-fold, from 84 million in 1995 to 228 million in 2025.

People with diabetes are two to three times more likely to have cardiovascular disease than people without diabetes. High levels of blood glucose can make the blood coagulation/clotting  system more active, increasing the risk of blood clots. Diabetes is also associated with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which lead to increased risk of cardiovascular complications.

Physical inactivity or sedentary lifestyles coupled with stress, smoking etc are the main causes for these lifestyle diseases.  The current prevalence of overweight or obesity is growing and is a matter of grave concern for these lifestyle diseases.

Cardiovascular Disorders

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO ), non-communicable diseases are estimated to be  around  53% of all deaths in India, out of which Cardiac disorders / heart ailments  have a major share of 24%.


Risk Factors

  • Increased blood lipids/cholesterol/fats

  • Overweight and obesity

  • Elevated blood sugar/glucose